Friday 13th Beer Bash

Posted on September 10 2013

It’s time for the next instalment of our super-awesome Beer Bash series. Up next: Friday 13th BASH. That’s right. Night time. We’ll meet 20h00 at Factory Five and then head into the eerie darkness, stopping at every, say, Lawsons along the way for a beverage. If you’ve been on one before, you know the drill. If not, it’s a slow ride through town with more stops than rolls – music, chat and fun times all round. It’s completely free. All you need is a bike and enough cash to buy yourself a drink at the convenience stores. We’ve teamed up with Inferno so we’ll be ending the beer bash there around 10h30. Once we arrive every rider will get a FREE PINT OF ASAHI. Mate – it’s going to be awesome. Coming? When: Friday, September 13th @ 20h00 Where: Factory Five Address: 876 Jiangsu Rd near Huashan Rd 地址:江苏路876号5号楼靠近华山路

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