Free Fixed Gear Shipping

Posted on May 19 2014

Factory Five Free Shipping

We’ve just added another international shipping option to the online store. You can now choose UPS Worldwide Saver Express as an option and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re super stoked, UPS has awesome tracking and they’re often super fast. We’re quoting a typical 3-5 days for delivery but we just shipped a couple of tests to Toronto and they arrived within 24 hours! To celebrate, we’re offer a special discount… Free shipping on all orders over Â¥1,000 or US$175. It’s already set up in the shopping cart, just add enough items to get you over that amount and the shopping cart will automatically apply the free shipping. The offer applies to everything online including frames, complete bikes, custom orders and wheelsets… there are some amazing savings to be had. It will only last for 7 days, until midnight Shanghai-time (GMT+8hrs) on tuesday May 27th. Small print: Shipping times depend on loads of factors so we have to say that 3-5days is just an estimate even though it’s pretty sure. The offer doesn’t apply to second hand bikes or anything you can’t buy online. We reserve the right to cancel the offer at any time if things get too crazy.

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