Four Floors Down, Training Recap

Posted on May 14 2015

Last night we snuck underground for training Four Floors Down. Deep below the Jing’an sky scrapers a group of fixed-gear riders configured their bar-setup, adjusted their cleats and anxiously prepared for a session of hard riding amongst the car-park columns.

It’s tight down here. By the time you’ve finished accelerating, you’re scrubbing speed to enter the next corner. Right after powering on, your eyes are scanning for the next apex. Down here the air is still and the lights bright, the only condition that changes is your skill. After a few laps we were shaving split-seconds; a degree here, a wafer-thinner line through the corner there – enough to test the floor’s keen grip and build confidence.

This time was all about personal incremental gains. The course is tough and the walls are tougher. Testing our mettle fully will require plenty of flying-hours. Then we will release the Kraken and ride two-up. For now it’s all about pushing the limits in unproven grounds. Want to join us on the next one? Give us a shout.

Photos by Marcin Urbaniak

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