[FOR SALE] A Slice Of Chinese Bicycle History

Posted on November 18 2016

[FOR SALE] A Slice Of Chinese Bicycle History

This is an interesting one, folks. Up for sale is a 1993 Colnago Yongjiu replica of the classic Colnago Victory, and the first ever high end bike made in China. There are different stories about how many of these were actually made, so it’s a bit tough to be exact. Most of the frames went to the Chinese National Team and the 8/1 Team, and the majority of the rest went to provincial teams.

The actual joint venture between Colnago and Yongjiu was in 1989-1990, which lasted for no more than half a year. The project was initiated by the company of Yongjiu, but actually it was not a cooporation between Yongjiu and Colnago. Yongjiu just bought the same steel tubes and lugs from the same Italian factory which also supplied them to  Colnago, and then welded them with Yongjiu’s workers and technology. Only about 10 bikes were built for the 1990 Asia Games in Beijing, however those bikes were not actually used in the race because the national team were not satisfied with them. Those bikes were given to provincial  teams or sports schools. This bike is one of these which were made for the Asian Games.

The joint venture between Colnago and Yongjiu quickly closed its doors after making just one and batch of bikes (at least that is our understanding), so this is a bit of a collector’s item.  The bike has only had one owner, in Beijing, since it was new. Below is a list of how it currently sits:

1993-1994 Chinese Made Colnago “Victory” Yongjiu Frame – Large size

Sun Rims with Shimano Sora hubs

Shimano Pro XLT Seat Post

Specialized Phenom Expert Seat

Shimano Sora Shift Levers & Derailleurs

Winpista Handlebar

90’s era first generation “low profile” road pedals. These are Taiwanese made, similar to the Shimano low profile pedals used at the time.

Since this is a collector’s item, please e-mail us for further details: shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com







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