Fausto Pinarello calls out Phoenix on fakes

Posted on May 09 2015

This week was the International Bike Show here in Shanghai. It’s not usually famous for product launches, instead featuring an abundance of mass-manufacturing heavyweight brands puffing out their chests in bad chinglish.

For most people in the China industry, it’s a first-hand chance to see the new tech from around the world, find a few suppliers for commodity components and collect brochure-firewood for the winter.

It’s also a chance to see what the fakers have been up to. Pinarello’s CEO, Fausto Pinarello had the same idea as he walked the aisles around his company’s trade stand – rich with team sky branding.

Pinarello are famously copied in China, this is nothing new. FP’s blood must have been boiling when the top brass at Phoenix Biycles came out to announce their latest bike…

The new Phoenix PAR 1…

Fausto gave them hell. Rightly so. It’s a Dogman F8. Sure there are always going to be low-life fakers but for it to be such a bold and prestigious company is damn rude. Phoenix is China’s flag-flying bicycle brand. They are the one from which all other bikes in China come (and many other countries in the world). And to do it right under their noses! Raised voices ensued, the argument was slightly suppressed and a frustrated Fausto made his point. Their Weibo is full of supportive messages – we hope it can kick the industry into another gear of not accepting imitations.

The Dogma F8

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