Factory Five and Lee Jeans

Posted on September 01 2011

A couple months back, Factory Five was approached to help Lee with their latest campaign “the city is mine”.

They’d designed a collection of jeans with the urban rider in mind, and hearing from the grapevine that a bunch of urban riders take on Shanghai’s streets on a daily basis, thought that Factory Five might know a thing or two.

The result was a collaboration around a a series of Factory Five custom builds that embody facets of fixed-gear culture, created around the classic geometry that China has recognized for decades.

The worst part about working on a secret project is keeping it secret. From filming with Birdhead to shoots with Ethan Ruan (阮经天) and stacking it on the catwalk at fashion shows – we had to keep zipped.

Until now. We’ll let the campaign do the talking…

The Factory Five collaboration with Lee

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