F5Pista Raw: Trevor

Posted on August 27 2012

Here’s another great build using our F5Pista. This ride was built up for Trevor with some really nice components have a look: Frame : F5Pista, Columbus Cromor Tubing Fork : Lugged Crowned Fork, Columbus Tubing Saddle : BROOKS B15 Swallow Chrom, hponey brown Rims : H Plus Son, TB14 Box Rims, high polish 32 hole, CST gumwall tires Hubs : Orange Velo, sealed cartridge hubs Headset : Tange Passage, chrome Bars : Nitto Randoneer, wrapped with BROOKS leather hand stitched grips, honey brown Bottom Bracket : Tange Cartridge Crankset : Bricklane Bikes 46T, chrome Pedals : MKS Track, black with MKS clips and brown leather straps 车架:F5 Pista-烧灼版手工焊接钢架,columbus cromor管材 前叉:套管平肩钢叉,columbus管材 座垫:brooks b15 swallow 铬钼钢轨版/蜂蜜棕色 车圈:Hson TB14 平圈/抛光/32å­” 车胎:正新复古黄边牛筋外胎 花鼓:orange velo轴承花鼓 碗组:tange passage有牙碗组/电镀银色 车把:nitto Randoneer/brooks真皮缝合把套/蜂蜜棕色 中轴:shimano轴承中轴 曲柄组: Bricklane铝合金曲柄/46齿 脚踏:mks sylvan/mks金属狗嘴/真皮狗嘴绳

F5Pista Raw: Trevor F5Pista Raw: Trevor F5Pista Raw: Trevor F5Pista Raw: Trevor F5Pista Raw: Trevor

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