F5Pista Flamed: Victor

Posted on August 27 2012

Victor came to us with an old beat up fixed gear that has seen better days. He was in the market for something new, light weight with a vintage look. After keeping his original saddle, the bike turned out great! Frame : F5Pista, Columbus Cromor Tubing, Brushed lugs and flamed tubes Fork : Lugged Crowned Fork, Columbus Tubing Rims : H Plus Son, TB14 Box Rims, high polish 32 hole, CST gumwall tires Hubs : Novatec sealed bearing, silver 32 hole Headset : Tange Passage, chrome Bottom Bracket : Shimano Cartridge Crankset : classic steel arms, 46T aluminum chain ring Pedals : VP Track, black with VP clips and brown leather straps Bars : Major Taylor drops.

Victor 带着他那辆骑了很久的死飞车来到我们店里。这次来他是想换一辆轻量化的复古单车。 车架:F5 Pista-烧灼版手工套管钢架,columbus cromor 管材,套接件拉丝处理,管材高温加热后上清漆 前叉:套管平肩钢叉,columbus 管材 车圈:Hson TB14平圈/高抛光/32孔,正新复古黄边牛筋外胎 花鼓:久裕轴承花鼓/银色/32孔 碗组:tange passage有牙碗组/电镀银色 中轴:shimano 轴承中轴 曲柄组:经典铝合金曲柄/铝合金镂空牙盘,46齿/银色 脚踏:vp场地脚踏/vp金属狗嘴/vp真皮狗嘴绳 车把:major taylor弯把/银色

F5Pista Flame: Victor F5Pista Flame: Victor F5Pista Flame: Victor F5Pista Flame: Victor

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