F5Pista Custom: Phil

Posted on August 27 2012

Phil finally buckled down on what he wanted on his new F5Pista, and the end result is stunning! An awesome track bike built to the nines. Have a look, at what he put on his ride: Frame : F5Pista, Columbus Cromor Tubing, custom painted Fork : Lugged Crowned Fork, Columbus Tubing Saddle : Fi’zi:k Wheels : Miche Pista Wheelset Cog : Miche Pista 16T Headset : Tange Passage, chrome Stem : Gran Compe, ENE Bars : Nitto RB-021 black, aluminum, wrapped with Fyxation Cloth Wrap Bottom Bracket : Tange Cartridge Pedals : MKS Sylvan Track, black with MKS clips and Cadence Straps Seat Post : Miche Supertype 车架:F5 Pista-定制涂装版手工焊接钢架,columbus cromor管材 前叉:套管平肩钢叉,columbus管材 座垫:Fi’zi:k 轮组:miche pista 飞轮:miche pista 16齿 碗组:tange passage/电镀银色 把立:gran-compe ene 有牙把立 车把:nitto rb-021铝合金牛角把/fyxation把带 中轴:tange seiki轴承中轴 脚踏:mks sylvan/mks金属狗嘴/cadence狗嘴绳 座管:miche supertype

F5Pista Custom: Phil F5Pista Custom: Phil F5Pista Custom: Phil F5Pista Custom: Phil

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