F5Pista Custom: Little Jan

Posted on August 27 2012

This is our smallest hand built F5Pista Custom lugged frame to date, 45cm! Painted in red with matching red rims, all black components and white decals, this little guy was built up for one lucky kid. Frame: F5Pista Custom Fork: F5 Crown Headset: Tange Passage HS Stem: ENE Gran Compe Brake system: Dia Compe BRS101 Caliper Rims : Deep Rims Hubs: Gran Compe Large Flange Bottom Bracket : Tange BB Crank: Pista Crank set Pedals : VP Cage Pedal He’ll grow into it during the next year, but damn, what a sweet ride! 这是我们F5开办以来年纪最小的以为顾客!红色涂装的车架搭配红色的车圈,全黑的配件以及白色的贴标。 这台漂亮的小车将伴随着这孩子一起成长!

F5Pista Custom: Little Jan F5Pista Custom: Little Jan F5Pista Custom: Little Jan

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