F5 Track Stand Competition – Thursday

Posted on June 10 2014

We’re holding a competition at F5 this thursday night. The Format is simple – the longest track stand. It’s free and open to anybody with a fixed gear bike… to win you just need to stay upright and stationary on your bike for longer than everybody else. The rest is up to you. Who knows if it will take seconds, minutes or hours. That’s the fun part and for sure there’ll be the usual F5 party atmosphere; beers, music and good times. The competition starts 20h00 (at the workshop, 876 Jiangsu Lu). Come before to register to take part or hang out with us and watch. It’s super cool, watching the intense concentration required to beat off the competition. We’ll have an F5 prize pack for the winner. Entry is free so what do you have to lose?


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