F5 Sunday Ride, this weekend

Posted on March 24 2015

Come with us on a Sunday ride through balmy and beautiful Shanghai.

We’ll be saddling up at ten and heading out to the outskirts of town to chase a bridge or two and see where the Metro ends this time. The ride goes for three hours, maybe more, maybe less. This weekend is looking great, and if last weekend was any indication, we’ll be royally stretching our legs.

The Sunday Rides are open to all fixed gear and road bikes. They are training-level… so we build up to some intense blasts and cruising around 30km. It’s for intermediate riders only.

Wear a helmet, bring your bike and join us at 10h00 on Sunday at 667 Changhua Lu. Please RSVP to shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com to sign-up.

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