F5 Chongming Crayfish Festival

Posted on November 07 2012

Last weekend we rode out to Chongming Island and gorged on local, sustainable, delicious crayfish and rice ettouffe. Thanks to Derryck Menere for the awesome video.

The day started with a traverse across industrial Shanghai to Mordor (aka Baoshan port). Then, after half a dozen punctures we set sail for the island. Chongming is a rural haven for Shanghai dwellers… and it’s smooth & flat so perfect for cycling. We sat with the folks at the Good Earth Project amongst their sustainable paddy fields and munched, then stayed with the local farmers in their B&Bs.

Then we cruised back across the island and found a route which skirted around Mordor back to Shanghai along some actually quite pleasing roads. Let us know if you’re planning a route near Baoshan and we’ll point out the best routes.

Here are few excellent photos courtesy of Jacob…

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