F5 Bike Swap – Saturday

Posted on November 20 2012

Join us this Saturday 24th 14h00-18h00 for our winter bike-swap.

Bring those rides, components and accessories which are taking space in your garage (i.e. spare bedroom) and swap them with everybody else for things that you actually need.

Need something to complete your winter bike? Searching for some NOS campagnolo components? Handlebars giving you a bad back? Answers will be waiting for you at F5 on saturday.

We’ll be setting up tables outside and it’s free to get a space so come early to reserve yours. One man’s badly sprung OK saddle is another man’s rolling throne cushion so bring everything you’ve got.

Factory Five’s spare bedroom has been raided and we’ll have a heap of second hand parts and a few used bikes for sale.

Music, drinks and biking chat will be available as-standard and as with all things F5, let the good times roll.


把你那些闲置的零件和周边或者是骑行装备之类的带来 , 或出售或交换 , 也许别人带来的东西里面有你想要的

我们已经准备了一张大桌子和一些椅子 , 早到的人就可以占到一个有利位置


让我们在音乐和啤酒的陪伴下 , 和朋友们一起过一个愉快的周末.

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