Christmas gift ideas from Factory Five

Posted on December 16 2014

Looking for the perfect christmas gift for a discerning rider? We’ve got you covered. Factory Five is bursting with items that they’ll never have seen coming from accessories to clothes to complete bikes. We also know what they’re looking for – heck they’ve probably been in here flicking through the bags already.

Come on over and let us take care of it… here’s a bunch of Christmas ideas from Factory Five…

Give your head a gift

Protect your head from the elements this christmas. Reward your brain for putting up with your crap all year with a stealthy new Giro Trinity helmet. If it’s been especially good then slip a Nitto cycling cap under there for good measure.

.. Giro Trinity just ¥290

.. Nitto Cycling cap now ¥150

Look sharp

Our regal Varsity t-shirt looks classy and casual – perfect for slouching around, office parties or even down the boozer. Combine it with a MW merino Torre and you can add the mountains and M1NT nightclub to the list.

.. Mission Workshop Torre for ¥1,610

.. F5 Varsity T-Shirt only ¥100

Bring your own swag sack

Whether you’re preparing to bomb down the mountain or sneak out of M!NT with a sack of loot, we’ve got the bag for you. This MW Hauser is technical and hydration perfection. For the weight weenies, the YNOT tuck and roll has the goods.

.. Mission Workshop Hauser from ¥1,710

.. YNOT Tuck & Roll now in at ¥740

Take the Reins

Up at the business end of the bike is where the action happens. Hold tight and light it up no matter the conditions with our favorite Kangaroo-leather-olympic-gold GRIPP gloves and KNOG’s candle destroying Blinder Arc 5.5.

.. GRIPP Leather Gloves just ¥390

.. KNOG Blinder Arc 5.5 now ¥890

Pocket Power

As riders we’ve always got a spare pocket or pouch or loop or slot or something. The YNOT wallie is perfectly curved for a cash-stash. This Paul bottle opener will make you look slick and sweet loving when you crack open that dude’s glugwine.

.. YNOT Wallie only ¥100

PAUL Bottle Opener for ¥150

Buckle Up

HJUL’s cycling trousers have been designed with you in mind. They have the key features we need like reflective sections and reinforced areas… with stylish swank included. Clip on our F5 Reprise keychain and let the streets take care of the rest.

.. HJUL Workman Pants from ¥610

.. F5 Reprise Keychain just ¥50

Fancy feet retention

Stick to your ride like performance glue with a pair of pedal upgrades. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes to go with something awesome – like the marriage of these Fyxation Gates platforms and YNOT pedal straps.

.. Fyxation Gates pedals now ¥130

.. YNOT Pedal Straps just ¥360

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