China Classic: The Widow

Posted on September 05 2012

Black, bold and beautiful. The widow is a striking bicycle that’s clean and ready to ride. Filled out with gum-walled tires, a brown leather Brooks saddle and raw handle bars, this build is truly a flashback to a time when the bike was a status of power. The classic Feng Huang graphics round out the look and keep it classy. O yeah, and it’s got a 3 speed coaster hub in the back – that means no brakes, not fixed, but you can still skid. 多漂亮的黑色粗线条,引人注目的The Widow时刻准备出发。 搭配上橡胶轮胎,棕色皮质的Brooks坐垫和原本的把手,经典重现。 噢对了,在后面我们用的是三速的内变速-意味着没有刹车,没有固定的钳齿轮,但你依然可以滑行。

China Classic: The Widow China Classic: The Widow China Classic: The Widow

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