China Classic: Headline

Posted on September 06 2012

Headline is one of the first curved step through re-builds we’ve ever done. Porcelain white rims, matching white hubs and everything else fitted with black accents – watch out, everyone’s going to want to write home about this build! With an easy cruising geometry, swept back bars and a front brake, Headline is for the Sunday strollers – take a ride through the park, down to the river, or to your favorite spot to have a drink! Headline是我们最先改造的弯管step through车型之一。瓷白色的车圈,白色的花鼓搭配上黑色的主色调,相当经典。 轻松的造型,后弯的把手加上前煞车,绝对是周末出游的最佳选择。

China Classic: Headline China Classic: Headline China Classic: Headline

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