China Classic: Green Hornet

Posted on September 05 2012

Much like the comic book character, this bike is powerful. Complete with black bat wing bars, both front and rear mud guards and a neon front rim The Green Hornet is built to last. The riding geometry is very classic and is meant for cruising. All black components give this bike a very dark and rich feel to it – perfect for anyone who wants to keep a lower profile with just a hint of flash. 这台车就像许多漫画英雄人物一样充满力量。黑色的蝙蝠翼车把、前后挡泥板,前轮还用的是荧光绿的车圈。 车架的几何角度非常的经典,也很适合长距离骑行。全黑色的配件让整车有低调的感觉。

China Classic: Green Hornet China Classic: Green Hornet

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