China Classic: Angela

Posted on September 05 2012

Angela is one of the first step through re-builds we’ve ever done. Bright red rims, a flashy red saddle and classic swept back bars are exactly what this girl needs to cruise around town. Don’t be fooled by the front brake, this bike is both fast and smooth. Even in high heels Angela can outrun the speediest of electric scooters and taxis! Angela是我们最先改造的Step Through车型之一,鲜红的车圈和坐垫,舒适的握把,正适合女孩子在城市中骑行。 不要被前煞车给欺骗了,这款车有极佳的速度和流畅性,你甚至可以穿着高跟鞋超过快速的电动车和计程车。

China Classic: Angela China Classic: Angela China Classic: Angela

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