Brands We Roll: RESTRAP

Posted on June 19 2013

As part of our ongoing push to educate the Chinese track bike scene we’d like to introduce a new series of posts, “Brands We Roll”. These posts will feature brands that we support, sell and ride daily. Each Wednesday we’ll feature a different brand and all the reasons why they are so awesome. You can follow us through our many social media platform for daily posts about the week’s featured brand. First up, RESTRAP:

Made in Yorkshire by people who really know what they’re talking about, Restrap’s range of foot retention and soft goods are beautifully crafted. Using police-issue belts, Velcro and fabric they are sturdy, considered and a joy to use. The Horizontal and Diagonal straps are the best we’ve seen. They’re uncomplicated and more subtle than most. They’ll fit the style of almost any ride without dominating. The fastening mechanisms are trustworthy and the straps are built to last. We’re big fans of Restrap. They’re a small outfit and with a fine range of accessories and apparel they are making big moves to represent the fixed gear scene. You can check out their selection of products here.

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