Brands We Roll: H Plus Son

Posted on June 26 2013

If you missed last week’s introduction to ‘Brands We Roll’ then you can check it out HERE. This week we’re excited to be pushing one of our longest running friendships and truly some of the best products we’ve had our hands on, H Plus Son. Like last week you can follow us on your favorite social media platform (yep we’re on all of them) for products posts, videos and everything about the brand.

For years, H+Son have been perfecting the bicycle rim. We have arrived. Their family of rims is out of this world and unrivaled in terms of performance and cost. Aesthetically they’re beautiful. From the undetectable seams on the Formation Face to the eyelets of the TB-14, this is precision engineering. The Archetype, with it’s unique semi-deep pointed profile, is a particular example of pushing the performance envelope. All rims come in a variety of colours, diameters and all standard hole lacing patterns for road, track, mountain and endurance.

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