Bike to JUE Q&A

Posted on March 13 2015

Bike to JUE starts tomorrow at 12noon – grab your spoke card from our shop and get rolling. With sign up closing at 7pm tonight, here’s a quick Q&A for those participating. Ride smart and you’ll be in the runnings for the grand prize, a complete F550 bike. Good luck!

Q: How do I know my registration has been successful?

A: Tonight you’ll get an e-mail detailing the checkpoints and your confirmed enrollment. If you haven’t hear from JUE yet (but have already registered), then it’s best to e-mail just to confirm.

Q: What’s the time limit for the event, and do I need to start directly at 12noon?

A: No, there is no time limit. You’ve got the entire weekend to visit each checkpoint. Remember, it’s not just speed that counts – you’ve got to get creative too.

Q: Can I ride with my friends or is this a solo mission?

A: Ultimately you can ride with whoever you like, but remember that there will only be one winner associated to the account who does the posting.

Q: Do I have to visit the checkpoints in a specific order?

A: Of course not, the fun of this ride is to go wherever you like. You must, however, start at Factory Five (667 Changhua Lu, Building S1) to get your spoke card.

Q: What’s the best way to take pictures?

A: That’s really up to you! A phone, point and shoot, or even a DSLR are all great options. In the end you’ll have to upload them to your social media account with the proper hashtag, so whatever makes it easiest for you.

Q: What do I need to do when I post my photos?

A: If using Instagram, then remember to tag the organizers (@Factory5 and @JUEFESTIVAL) and hashtag #biketojue2015sh. If using Weibo, then remember to tag the organizers (@Factory_Five and @觉音乐艺术节) and hashtag #biketojue2015sh#. It’s that easy!

Q: Do I need to visit all the checkpoints?

A: No, but it will help your odds of winning. We’ll be judging the number of places you visited, your photos themselves, and of course how long it took.

Q: When will you announce the winners?

A: We will announce the winners on March 17th via Instagram and Weibo. All those who participate will then be invited to the awards party on March 19th at Factory Five.

Q: If I can’t do the ride but still want to join the party on March 19th, is that ok?

A: Of course! All cycling enthusiasts are welcome. The party will run from 8pm to 10pm, 667 Changhua Lu, Building S1.

Q: I haven’t registered yet.. when’s my last chance?

A: Registration closes tonight (March 13th) at 7pm. You can sign up HERE.

All other questions and concerns can be directed to – good luck, and see you all this weekend!

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