An incredible Nagasawa Special

Posted on April 12 2013

This Nagasawa Special is absolutely stunning and a strong contended for F5 (if not China) bike of the year. Stace sourced the full decal set and the repaint in grey/white is perfect. Here’s how it looked before. We’re so jealous. Everything about Nagasawa’s NJS frames is wonderful and they’re a pleasure to build. These kind of bikes don’t come through our workshop often.

  • Nagasawa NJS track frame
  • Phil Wood hubs
  • H Plus Son TB14 hard ano rims
  • Nitto Jaguar NJS 100 stem
  • Nitto B123AA
  • Hatta Swan Deluxe NJS headset
  • Nitto NJS seatpost
  • MKS Custom Nuevo NJS pedals
  • MKS NJS clips
  • MKS Alpha Fit Sports NJS straps
  • Sugino 75 NJS bottom bracket
  • Sugino 75 NJS crank
  • Sugino Zen Racing NJS chainring
  • Dura Ace NJS cog and lock ring
  • Kashimax Nagasawa Limited Edition Saddle
  • Izumi Super Toughness NJS chain

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