A Sincere Thank You

Posted on October 18 2016

A Sincere Thank You

Over the last 6 years you’ve witnessed the growth of our shop from a tiny hole in the wall with nothing but a couch and a picnic table, to become the leading bicycle boutique in Shanghai and one of the top rated bicycle shops in the world. For lack of a better word, it has been nothing short of amazing. This wouldn’t have been possible without the consistent support and encouragement from you: our friends and the local cycling community. If it weren’t for you and your constant presence at night rides, alleycats, film screenings and parties, what we’ve built wouldn’t be what it is today. So, first and foremost, thank you. Thank you to all of you who have supported us all these years.

Riding on the waves of these shared accomplishments, we are thrilled to announce that our team is growing and evolving to exciting new levels. Our shop has allowed us to meet so many incredible people, it has really been the building blocks behind our brand. We’ve grown over the years and have slowly become known for our unique cycling components and beautiful frames – but we want to do more. We want to focus on new designs, new products, and push our brand as far as possible. To do this, we’re taking a step back from our retail shop and are confidently passing the reins to new owners and new staff members, 17 Teeth.

The shop will continue to operate as normal, but when you roll through you’ll be dealing with a new team of friendly faces who will carry on the spirit of Factory Five that you have come to trust. Our online web shop and Taobao shop aren’t changing, and we will still be taking custom build orders via e-mail and/or appointment. You can also deal with the 17 Teeth staff in person about a Factory Five frameset order, they know the drill and will help you make the right decisions. To keep things easy, all questions related to the shop can be sent to, and anything pertaining to our brand and products can be sent as per usual to

So what does this all mean? It means that as a team we’ll be able to focus our energy and efforts on what we’ve all grown passionate about, creating unique Factory Five products that are available worldwide. This is just the first step in us being able to continue building and pushing our brand to a new level. We can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given us all these years, and the continued encouragement as we pedal into the design studio with the aim of making truly great things.

We build, we ride. Thank you.



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