51T Lattice Chainring.. Coming Soon!

Posted on December 22 2016

51T Lattice Chainring.. Coming Soon!

We’ve listened to your requests via social media, bulletin boards, e-mails and in store shout outs. Yes, we’ve been working on a 51T lattice chainring… and it’s almost ready.


We’ve been test riding our new 51T lattice chainring and it’s not only fast, but even stiffer and smoother than before. We’ve increased the lattice thickness by 0.1mm, the overall plane thickness by 0.2mm, while increasing the lattice pitch by several degress. The result is an incredibly light (sub ~100g), bomb proof race ready chainring.


Our updated design has passed fatigue and destruction tests with flying colors. Soon, these will be available online in a limited run of colors. Stay tuned for a release date coming soon!


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