48×15 Magazine Volume 002 – Group Night Ride

Posted on November 28 2011

Join us tomorrow for a night ride and a couple of beers in celebration of the new issue of 48×15, and our new space!

Yes, we moved . . kind of. We literally shuffled over to a different unit in the same complex. Now Block E – walk past the doorway into our previous building and turn left under the tunnel – we are right in front – you can’t miss us.

We’ll kick things off with hang outs and high fives around 8pm, and leave for a short ride at 9pm. Afterwards we’ll reconvene at Factory Five for some cheap beers (Vedett and Xinkiang Black Beers).

This will also be the first chance for you to get your hands on the new 48×15 – so even if you’re not interested in the ride swing by and grab a copy! See you all tomorrow night.

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