[10/23] Night Market

Posted on October 13 2015

Anken Life is bringing back the pop-up night market for the second time and will be turning it into a monthly event. The event is inside the complex we’re located and will run on October 23rd from 6-10pm. People usually pack in to F5 after and we’ll stay open as long as people are still having a good time.


We’re gonna be serving up unique cocktails, craft beer and we’ve got something special for all the hungry people. Straight from the horse’s mouth, the Burger Babes are back… but evolved.

UMi Food Design:

“UMi Food Design was founded by two best friends from NYU, Renel Sun and Phoebe Tran, who decided to put their education on hold in February 2014 to explore their culinary ventures abroad. They spent their last year exploring various entrepreneurial projects — a pop-up restaurant/streetfood stand Burger Babes Shanghai, an innovative dining experience Shanghai Supperclub, and a late night summer pop-up in Brooklyn UMi Bushwick. The duo has returned to Shanghai to continue their most recent pop-up as UMi Bunwich, which aims to tell stories through their signature bunwiches–-buttery, chip-encrusted brioche buns cradling mouth-watering fillings inspired by places lived in or traveled to.”

What they’ve got on the menu for the night is vegetarian Hong Kong Char-Siu Bun(canto-style BBQ mock duck, pickled pineapple, scallion, watercress & hot mustard aioli) and a Vietnam Bun-Mi (caramel pulled pork, viet pickles, peanuts, fried shallot & fresh herbs).


Swing by for good eats and drinks. The whole complex will be buzzing and the gyms will be offering special discounts and trials.

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