[02/07] Disneyland Ride

Posted on February 02 2016

What better way to start off the Chinese New Year than by spinning your legs with some friends during a group ride. On Sunday, February 7th we’ll be riding to the Shanghai Disneyland Resort which is currently under construction. Big, fast roads will guide our way straight to the park. There’s no guarantee we can get inside, but rumor has it that a few cyclists have been able to cruise the dedicated, currently vacant highways that are being built for the mega wonderland. Let’s try together. Below is what you need to know – tell your friends and see you on the 7th!

Shanghai Disneyland Adventure Ride

Sunday, February 7th

Start Time: 10h00

Start Location: Factory Five, 667 Changhua Lu

Ride Distance: 90Km~ (round trip)



上午10:00在Factory Five集合





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