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Bike To JUE Shanghai: Photo Hunt

We've teamed up with the guys over at Jue to bring you a totally awesome photo scavenger hunt across Shanghai on Saturday March 14th (and 15th).

You'll have the whole weekend to hit up all the locations, take a wicked photo of each and upload them to Instagram or Weibo with the right hashtag.

Entries will be judged based on the number of locations out of 30 you got to as well as the creativity of your photos - not on speed - so take your sweet time!

Prizes will be awarded by the Judges at the party on Thursday 19th March at 20h00 - here at Factory Five. We've got a whole F5 bike up for grabs as well as an Annual Pass to all Split Works Shows (like the awesome Jue Festival) and loads of other goodies including tote bags, gift vouchers and film tickets.

All you need to do is register here, follow the competition instructions carefully and on the 14th come over at F5 to pick up your spoke card and list of locations. Then take awesome shots and win big.

Good luck!

Bike Flea Market - Sunday March 22nd

Join us on Sunday, March 22nd from 14h00-18h00 for our Spring Bike Flea Market. Roll up with all those parts, accessories, frames, bikes, clothes or anything bike-related which is taking up space in your closet and turn them into golden pennies. Or swap them for something else.

We'll have free table-space for sellers and have raided the F5 preloved-treasure-chest so there'll be plenty of wares to peruse. Need a french threaded bottom bracket for that vintage frame? Prefer a messenger bag which has been worn-in already? Fancy yourself a bit of an NOS collector? There's sure to be all the answers amongst the tables.

Those bars cramping your style... or spine? Whip 'em off and shop around for a new style. Fixed gear riding is all about modularity and instant gratification. That old component collecting dust is exactly what another dude is looking for to complete his shabby-chic beater - believe you me.

Bring it all or bring nothing and browse what's on offer. Easy. Come early to reserve some space, we'll have labels for you to write your name and price if you prefer to play it cool and hang out by the bar.

There'll be beers, food and the usual F5 magic... plus a few discounted items of our own to grease the wheels.

DATE: Sunday 22nd March

LOCATION: F5HQ - 667 Changhua Rd (near Anyuan)

F5 Pista Custom: Kristin

Celeste blue is one of those iconic cycling colors. It never goes out of style and looks great across any build. This little 54cm F5 Pista Custom was done up for Kristin and it's absolutely stunning. A perfect blend of of classic style with modern components. H Plus Son TB14 rims, our lattice chainring, Nitto handlebars and BROOKS raspberry bartape. It's on the way to the US and will be ready to roll around the West coast. 

F5 Sunday Ride: This Sunday 10h00


Ride with us this Sunday on a jaunt through inner, then outer, then untrodden Shanghai.

We're going to royally trounce to the nether reaches of town and most likely, as tradition dictates, overheat by racing across a rather large big bridge.

The ride starts at 10h00 and the route will take us 3 or so hours. We'll be back at F5 around lunchtime.

The pace is fixed-gear fast and open to fixies, single-speeds and road bikes. Please wear a helmet. We'll be cruising around 30km/h so this is labelled as an intermediate ride. It's unsupported too, so you'll need to bring tools and spare if you're planning to have a puncture.

So, let the good time roll. Coming with? Great! Sign up by RSVP here or shoot us a shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com

The F5100s Stealth Limited Edition

This is a limited release of something rather special. Take our original, tight, lightweight (1.65kg) F5100 frame geometry, add in an oversize carbon fork, coat it in satin black and spec an all-black component list. The result is a totally stealthy F5100s build - accented only by our gold team-race decal set.

Then we go one further. The wheelset uses low-flange 20/24h Gran Compe hubs laced to our 2015 prototype carbon rims. Unfathomably deep and built for strength, They are clinchers for sense and wider than average, to give more comfort on the road.

Put together, this is a premium track machine from the F5 Heritage stable. 

  • 56cm F5100s frameset: Stealth Limited Edition
  • Tange Bottom Bracket
  • Alpina integrated headset
  • 90mm Full Carbon rims, Pillar bladed spokes laced to low flange Gran Compe hubs. 20h front, 24 hole rear.
  • SRAM Omnium crankset with F5 lattice 48T chainring
  • 17T threaded track sprocket
  • KMC track chain
  • Slice Seatpost
  • Prologo Kappa EVO PAS saddle
  • F5 Taurus bullhorn bar and Lizard Skin bar tape
  • MKS Gr-9 track pedals
  • Restrap diagonal straps

Click here to view the F5 Stealth in our online store

Rider Profile: Xiao Jing 小静

Shanghai is known for it's diverse culture and extremely fashion forward attitude. As one of the fastest growing cities in the world it can be hard to keep track of it all. That's why cycling is such a great way to stay grounded and connected to the city. Xiao Jing feels the same way. She's been mashing these streets for almost 2 years and understands the connection between movement and the urban fabric we call home.

name: Xiao Jing 小静
age: 25
hometown: Shanghai
profession: Sales Manager, Nike China

Q: That's a serious ride! Can you tell us about your bike?

A: This is my Cinelli Vigorelli. It's painted in my favorite colors; blue, white and black. It's actually my third bicycle but definitely the one I ride the most. I've upgraded it quite a bit since I first bought it adding Mavic Elipse wheels, a Miche crank and a Fizik saddle. My bike even has a nickname! It's called 'little cloud'.

Q: When did you get into riding?

A: I've been riding for about a year and a half now. Actually, I've known all about fixed gear bikes for almost 6 years. I first learned about them in Japanese fashion magazines. At the time I was still a student so I couldn't afford to buy a nice bike and there were limited options in town. Now there are so many shops and I was able to save enough money to buy something I really like. 

Q: What else are you into besides riding your bike?

A: I spend a lot of my time running and training for long distance adventures, whether it be on my bike or in my sneakers. Otherwise I'm either at home relaxing or at work!

Q: It sure looks like you enjoy running. Do you feel there is a connection between cycling and running?

A: Definitely! I feel that life is very rich and you can learn a lot from both cycling and running. Movement makes life diverse and allows you to meet new people, interact with your surroundings and learn a lot about different cultures. Whether it's cycling, running, swimming it doesn't matter. I feel that all sports are interlinked!

Q: Have you got any advice for other girls that are interested in trying out new sports?

A: I think the best piece of advice is to follow your true interests. If you really like something then stick with it! I was very lucky and was able to find a group of like minded friends and they helped me improve as my interests grew.

Q: What do you feel about the cycling scene in Shanghai?

A: It's extremely diverse with a whole range of riders and activities. I personally enjoy just riding all the local streets here in Shanghai, but there are so many choices. Shanghai is a very charming city with a lot of style and character. I love it!

CNY Opening Hours

Here are our opening hours for the Chinese New Year holiday. Please note all shipping companies will be closed from the 14th to the 27th so all shipping orders will be dispatched when they resume on the 28th.

Saturday 14th 13h00 - 19h00
Sunday 15th
13h00 - 19h00
Monday 16th 10h30 - 21h00
Tuesday 17th
10h30 - 21h00
Wednesday 18th CLOSED
Thursday 19th CLOSED
Friday 20th CLOSED
Saturday 21st
13h00 - 19h00
Sunday 22nd
13h00 - 19h00
Monday 23rd CLOSED
Tuesday 24th CLOSED
Wednesday 25th CLOSED
Thursday 26th 10h30 - 21h00
Friday 27th onwards RESUME USUAL HOURS

CNY Starts here with Factory Five

2015 is the year of the Ram and also a year of the FIVE so we're throwing down big-time this Chinese New Year. Join us as we celebrate FIVE years of FACTORY FIVE, starting with our annual party this Friday 13th.

Truth is, we're really a community at F5HQ and we think of you as our real family - so as tradition dictates we'll be giving Hongbao red-envelopes to everybody who comes. Its our way of saying thankyou.

What's inside? Who knows. There'll be prizes, cash and more. One lucky person will find a ticket for a complete F550 Bike inside their red envelope. That's big!

We'll have drinks, music, bike talk and all the good stuff that Factory Five brings. Join us from 21h00 and make CNY2015 the bestest ever!

Date: Friday, February 13th Time: 21h00 Onwards Location: 667 Changhua Rd.

F550s Custom: Jason

Stealth, elegant and race-ready this F550s custom is one of our favorite builds to date. Finished in a satin black paint job with muted neon pink inside rear stays and front fork, the glossy black decals give it that extra bit of pop in the sunlight.

Decked out with nothing but the best Jason really put some serious thought into this build. H Plus Son SL42 rims, Gran Compe hubs, Restrap diagonal straps, MKS GR9 pedals, Prologo saddle, Nitto RB 010 bullhorn bars, PAUL E-Lever and our lattice chainring - all to die for!

Be sure to catch it on the streets of Shanghai this year. 

¥4,500: Preloved F550 Complete

Used F5 bikes don't come around very often. This is a rare chance to get hold of second hand complete F550... in excellent condition.

This is a raw 53cm F550 with a custom satin clearcoat and our race decals. It has been built up properly too: the wheelset is H+Son TB-14 rims, Small Flange Gran Compe hubs, DT Swiss spokes and Gumwall tyres. There's ¥4,300 of value in the frame and wheels alone.

The rest of the components include an F5 Lattice Crankset, Uno 7 stem, Truvativ oversize risers, Slice seatpost and a new Blend saddle.

All together this is a very tidy bike, less than a year old and in very, very good condition. Available right now in the workshop so give us a shoutout or call by if you're interested. This probably won't be here long.