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Factory Five

We Build. We Ride
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Preloved and used bikes
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Factory Five F5 Custom - Fillet Brazed Columbus Keirin Spirit

You may have spotted this bike in our gallery from two years ago (seen HERE) - but it's undergone a few upgrades and changes since then. With a new set of track wheels, crankset and saddle it's not the ultimate definition of a high end cruiser track bike (if there is such a thing). Dig it and want to get something like it for yourself? Then shoot us an e-mail and let's talk : shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com Full build specs below: 

63cm Factory Five F5 Custom, Columbus Keirin Spirit, fillet brazed

Tange Levin NJS, Columbus Max Custom fork

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Tange BB / Dura Ace NJS crankset

MKS Sylvan Track / Restrap Horizontal straps

49T Factory Five lattice chainring / 16T dura ace NJS cog

NITTO Jaguar NJS 90mm / Swept back batwing bars

Miche Supertype / BROOKS C17

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
PAUL high flange / H Plus Son TB14 / Fyxation Session 28c

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
PAUL high flange / H Plus Son TB14 / Fyxation Session 28c

Custom wood basket and rack


Factory Five - our space

In a converted food-market a 150sqm shell became the Factory Five HQ. An office mezzanine sits above the full service workshop in the main 6 meter tall space. Raw brick encloses what is a secluded location which opens onto a private terrace. The workshop counter corners into a bar, ideal for hanging out with a beer whilst any work is done, or whenever.

Using reclaimed wood, OSB board and gas pipes all the displays were custom built with raw functionality in mind. They look pretty boss too! Every product has a home, a chance to truly represent those brands who are eponymous with fixed gear around the world.

Retail, workshop, bar and office all layer into what is the a clubhouse for cycling. We had big boots to fill stepping forwards with Factory Five. We're kinda sure we did it!

Humongous thanks to our Architect: Linehouse

Photos by Benoit Florencon.

Welcome to Factory Five Jing-An


We moved recently, you might have heard. It started with needing just a little more space and ended with our new HQ in Jing'an. It's bigger, better (we think so) and just makes a lot more sense. The Jiangsu Lu workshop was awesome - but here is even more awesomer.

We're also part of a like minded community too, there's our new friends at Aboro Boxing Academy upstairs, Reebok Cross Fit Gym next door and Becycle Spinning Studio opposite. We fit right in... and we have beer!

So, if you haven't already. Come pay us a visit at 667 Changhua Lu. We'll be waiting. Expect more of the same, only bigger and better. Events, parties, rides, custom bikes, rare items and the world of fixed gear. Let the good times roll!



Christmas gift ideas from Factory Five

Looking for the perfect christmas gift for a discerning rider? We've got you covered. Factory Five is bursting with items that they'll never have seen coming from accessories to clothes to complete bikes. We also know what they're looking for - heck they've probably been in here flicking through the bags already.

Come on over and let us take care of it... here's a bunch of Christmas ideas from Factory Five...

Give your head a gift

Protect your head from the elements this christmas. Reward your brain for putting up with your crap all year with a stealthy new Giro Trinity helmet. If it's been especially good then slip a Nitto cycling cap under there for good measure.

 .. Giro Trinity just ¥290

.. Nitto Cycling cap now ¥150

Look sharp

Our regal Varsity t-shirt looks classy and casual - perfect for slouching around, office parties or even down the boozer. Combine it with a MW merino Torre and you can add the mountains and M1NT nightclub to the list.

.. Mission Workshop Torre for ¥1,610

.. F5 Varsity T-Shirt only ¥100

Bring your own swag sack

Whether you're preparing to bomb down the mountain or sneak out of M!NT with a sack of loot, we've got the bag for you. This MW Hauser is technical and hydration perfection. For the weight weenies, the YNOT tuck and roll has the goods.

.. Mission Workshop Hauser from ¥1,710

.. YNOT Tuck & Roll now in at ¥740

Take the Reins

Up at the business end of the bike is where the action happens. Hold tight and light it up no matter the conditions with our favorite Kangaroo-leather-olympic-gold GRIPP gloves and KNOG's candle destroying Blinder Arc 5.5.

.. GRIPP Leather Gloves just ¥390

.. KNOG Blinder Arc 5.5 now ¥890

Pocket Power

As riders we've always got a spare pocket or pouch or loop or slot or something. The YNOT wallie is perfectly curved for a cash-stash. This Paul bottle opener will make you look slick and sweet loving when you crack open that dude's glugwine.

.. YNOT Wallie only ¥100

PAUL Bottle Opener for ¥150

Buckle Up

HJUL's cycling trousers have been designed with you in mind. They have the key features we need like reflective sections and reinforced areas... with stylish swank included. Clip on our F5 Reprise keychain and let the streets take care of the rest.

.. HJUL Workman Pants from ¥610

.. F5 Reprise Keychain just ¥50

Fancy feet retention

Stick to your ride like performance glue with a pair of pedal upgrades. You'd be surprised what a difference it makes to go with something awesome - like the marriage of these Fyxation Gates platforms and YNOT pedal straps.

.. Fyxation Gates pedals now ¥130

.. YNOT Pedal Straps just ¥360 

The 5th Annual F5 Christmas Beer Bash

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!!!!!

it's time for the Fifth annual Factory Five Christmas Beer Bash. Join us as we take a festive cruise through Shanghai, stopping off at a few places along the way. If you haven't been on a beer bash before - this is literally your last chance this year! They're super cool too.

Meet here at Factory Five (New Location: 667 Changhua Lu) this Saturday the 20th at 2pm. We'll roll out at 3pm, hit up a couple spots, grab a drink or two and loop back around for even more good times.

There'll be music, cool peeps, a few drinks, a little rolling (mostly chilling). AAAAnd our friends at Asahi have shouted us a free beer or two for everybody... so hot damn you know we hit the big time!

What's more. If you hit this link and RSVP in advance - we'll give you a free Santa Hat (whilst stocks last).

See you on Saturday at 2pm?

China Classic : E Cruiser

Need a little bit of exotic Shanghai cruiser mode in your life? This A-type China Classic is the perfect blend of old and new. A refurbished vintage steel frame built with completely new components. Perfect for city riding and making your friends jealous.

F5 Jing'An : Photoshoot Sneak Peek

We've been busy finalizing our space and getting back on track this past week, but this upcoming weekend we will finally photograph our new shop in all it's glory. The space is something we are incredibly proud of and we can't wait to show you all the details we spent hours upon hours designing. It's really something quite special.

For now, here's a bit of 'shop pron' to hold you over for the weekend. If you're in town be sure to swing through 667 Changhua Lu and have a look for yourself - the beers are flowing and we're here working on bikes. F5 is alive and better than ever before.

Let there be cake

Phew what a week. The dust has barely settled on the new Grand Opening. Literally... the floor of the new F5 is made from moon. We honestly spent more time sweeping than any other activity in the lead up to getting everything ready.

Things have been so frenetic getting back to speed with setting up and orders all the good things of running a bike company that we've had little chance to document the first hours and days of the next chapter of the Factory Five story.

So let's fix that now. Like proper fully grown adults we stared with desert.. and ate a lot of cake. We've many awesome friends here at F5 and a couple of them are very talented bakers. Courtesy of Luca's Mum and Kang at Taste and See, our opening hours ran alongside a marvelous spread of heaven-slices.

This is a shoutout to them, and to all the people who helped us make light work of 10 cakes like a plague of fixed-gear locusts. We couldn't have done it without you! Okay maybe we could.

¥3,500: 2nd Hand F550 Matte Green

This bike is in great condition. It's a little 48cm F550 painted in matte green and built for cruising. Only ever ridden around Shanghai it's perfect for daily use and anyone seeking a great deal. First come first serve!

F5 Pista Midnight Blue : Jeff

This complete F5 Pista absolutely rocks. Jeff did a great job selecting nothing but the best components for his whip. Perfect for the streets, or track training. Complete with PAUL cranks, H Plus Son rims, Novatec hubs, Lizard Skin grips and a compact set of bullhorn bars. Catch it on the streets of Shanghai!