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Factory Five

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The North Face 户外节重磅突袭上海滩

The North Face 上海首届户外节,将于今年11月8日~9日重磅突袭徐汇滨江,打造城市里的户外乐园!这一次你无需跋山涉水,也不用深入不毛之地,因为你的门外即户外:攀最陡的岩,跑最Diao的路,见最牛的人,吃最野的户外美食…六重惊喜相继而至,去踏碎城市里的规规矩矩,体验最纯正的户外文化!

Factory Five届时也将作为死飞骑行单元参加本次活动,现场不仅会和死飞骑友们交流各种动作技巧还有许多精美礼物赠送。



11/8、11/9两天在徐汇滨江 门票会以电子券形式发出,获取方法请留意Factory Five微信公众平台:wearefactoryfive 近期图文推送

Double Top tube Chinese Classics back in stock

There was a time in another realm of China when bikes really did rule the roost. They were everywhere, serving literally every transportation purpose from picking up the shopping, to dropping the kids off at school, to moving house.

One of the most cherished models was the classic 28inch transporter... featuring a double top tube. It was like taking a workhorse and strapping a camel to it's back. These bikes were designed for heavy loads front and rear and could roll under a literal tonne of pressure.

Eventually they became obsolete, replaced by more capable and increasingly more cost effective flat-bed tricycles.

Which is why, in 2014, these frames are super rare. We've only ever got hold of them in ones and twos and they've built up into some of the most special bikes we've ever made. There are a just a few in our portfolio here, here and here.

Now, a few frames are back in stock. If you're interested in building up a piece of history then get in touch.

Starting from $3,500 complete.

F5 Masterclass at Berluti Chengdu

We were in Chengdu last weekend at the Berluti flagship store there. To celebrate the store's 1 year Anniversary, we held a masterclass in handlebar wrapping for their most VIP of customers.

The masterclass in Chengdu is part of a series of collaboration events between Berluti and Factory Five. The first was in Shanghai's IFC Berluti Masion. It celebrates the beauty of bicycles and the truly bespoke nature of cycling. We made the group get hands-on by first showing them how to wrap bars in Brooks leather tape... and then letting them try to do it themselves.

It's much harder than it looks - though the results were very impressive - judge for yourselves...

Written by Factory Five — October 23, 2014

F5 Pista Flamed Lugs : Storm

The best of the best on this F5 Pista! Flamed at the lugs with raw tubes it's been ridden around in Beijing by Storm for almost a year now. The complete build list is pretty impressive, check it out!

Frame: 58cm F5 Pista flamed at the lugs

Headset: Tange Passage

Saddle: BROOKS Cambium

Front Rim: HED 3

Rear Rim : H Plus Son Archetype

Rear Hub : Gran Compe

Crankset: PAUL Royal Flush

Chain: Izumi

Stem: Gran Compe

Bars: Nitto RB010

Seat post: Gran Compe

Bar Tape: Lizard Skin

Pedals: MKS Gr-9

Straps : Restrap Diagonal

Tyres: Vittoria

China Classic : Shanghai Cruiser

This classic rebuild features the ultra rare China Post green frame, with both front and rear mud guards. Complete with a BROOKS saddle, all chrome components and some killer cruiser bars, it's the perfect city bike to cruise around Shanghai - rain or shine. We even threw on a pair of 38c gumwall tyres so that this beautiful ride can rip over anything!


Written by Factory Five — October 21, 2014

PAUL Royal Flush Crankset

Paul Component Engineering makes some of the most precise and beautiful components in the world. They've been doing it for 20 years and they'll be doing it for many to come. One of their most reputable products is the unique Royal Flush Crankset - which features exactly what it sounds like; a heart, spade, club and diamond. Like all products we sell and distribute we test everything ourselves first.

We first started riding PAUL components back in 2009, before we had Factory Five. Fast forwards to 2014 and we're the PAUL distributor in China. 5 years later and our PAUL components are still riding just as good as the day we pulled them out of the box. Notably the Royal Flush Crankset, which has seen over 30,000Km and all kinds of terrain. It's been ridden on the road, through the mud, splashed in the rain and even guzzled some snow. After all that the teeth are not sharked, the crank arms are still stiff and straight and the anodize finish is as good as new.

We're fully stocked on all PAUL cranksets, so if this sounds like the crank for you then be sure to get in touch. These things will endure the harshest conditions and last for years and years - It's this attention to craft and performance that has made Paul's work truly iconic.

F5100 Custom : Felix

It's not too often that we build the F5100 unless it's going to be something extremely special. When we heard what Felix wanted we just couldn't say no. A satin clearcoat with gold decals, 1" carbon fork, and all gold and brown trimmings sounded absolutely awesome. The end result is great and can be seen on the streets of Shanghai this fall!

YNOT Toronto Shop Visit

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the new YNOT retail shop in downtown Toronto, Canada. Their space is located on Queen Street West in the heart of the city, a fantastic location to draw in local cyclists and commuters. Using almost entirely refurbished materials, YNOT managed to put together a pretty cool store front that really shows the background behind their company. With sewing machines ready to service any of their products or create custom orders on demand, it's like a mini warehouse - studio - hangout all in one.

Inside the shop you'll find all of their killer products, including a small selection of apparel, a huge array of toe straps, and their new 2014 bag designs. We're extremely proud to be representing their brand in China and have some great things in the works together for next year. If you're ever in Toronto, be sure to check out their shop.

Chainrings Across China

Our Lattice Chainring is being picked up all across China. We're super pumped to see it around the world, and even more excited when it shows up on a sick build on the mainland. Here's a few photos and details of stores where you can pick up our 78gram, dual plane ring...

Oldchen Fixie









LP Fixed


保定市新市区百花路746号 荣域铂庭底商 




Solo Bike


苏州 人民路嘉馀坊12号

TOP Fixed





福州台江区 义洲街道  浦东路12号群升白马郡7号楼08店面







Around Tree Fixed


沈阳 沈北新区蒲昌路,沈阳师范大学北门斜对面,淘乐新天地1197号



Newsflash: One Day Sale! 25% off everything.

To celebrate the Chinese National Holiday which runs for an entire week, we're holding a very special sale. On Thursday 2nd we're offering everything in-store and in-stock for 25% off. Now you've even more reasons to get out into the city when the traffic is calm and the skies are blue!

Sale includes: Mission Workshop, Paul, Restrap. H+Son, Factory Five, HJUL and more!

Here's the small print: The sale applies to items which are in purchased store whilst stocks last. Frame and custom orders are not included. We reserve the right to boot out any scalpers. We accept cash and Union Pay enabled debit/credit cards.