F5 Wall Graffiti

Our friend and graffiti artist, Dezio, decked out our shopfront with this pretty epic image. It tells the story of a global bike race. We’re always finding new awesome details. Here are a few shots..

Factory Five Shanghai Bike Graffiti

Factory Five Shanghai Bike Graffiti
Factory Five Shanghai Bike Graffiti

Factory Five Shanghai Bike Graffiti

Factory Five Shanghai Bike Graffiti
Factory Five Shanghai Bike Graffiti

Factory Five Shanghai Bike Graffiti

Factory Five Shanghai Bike Graffiti

Click here for more graffiti on our flickr page

F5Pista Custom: Tu Nga

Incredible custom build centered around our F5 Pista steel lugged frame. Red metallic sparkle finish with chrome details, including chrome logos and a custom headbadge. Complete with BROOKS finishings, classic components and our lattice chainring. Killer build, so vintage and so sexy.

F5Pista Custom Classic Fixed Gear Tu Nga

F5Pista Custom Classic Fixed Gear Tu Nga

F5Pista Custom Classic Fixed Gear Tu Nga

F5Pista Custom Classic Fixed Gear Tu Nga

F5Pista Custom Classic Fixed Gear Tu Nga

Custom Bike & Frame Design

At factory five we design and build custom bikes every day. We know every inch of a fixed-gear bike and how to consider every aspect to achieve something unique, beautiful and, most importantly, functional for the right riding needs.

We assemble every build from our fixed gear workshop in Shanghai China. This way we can control every step of the build and ensure it is to our liking. Rest assured, if something doesn’t look or feel right – we’ll be on it.

We offer three levels of custom bike creation

  • » Tailored Signature Builds
  • » Bespoke frame finish
  • » Fully Custom frameset tubing and geometry

Tailored Signature Builds:

Our F550, F5100 and F5Pista frames in our signature colours are available to be built up to your choosing. Select from the hundreds of parts and components we offer to create exactly the type of build you like.

Looking for something for commuting prowess, cruising comfort or superlight racing? We can help you choose the right combination of frame, wheels, bars and everything else to achieve the right mix of function and style.

Bespoke frame finish:

Our frame painter has decades of experience with frame coating. We use the pantone system and can paint any of our frames with virtually any colour. Pricing for finishes starts at only ¥250 (US $35) for a single colour and increases from there to include:

» Metallic and sparkle finishes
» Raw, brushed and flame treatments
» Matte, satin and clear topcoats
» Partial or full chroming of tubes
» Two-colour fades
» Custom decals
» Application of existing decals

Fully Custom frameset tubing and geometry:

We can accommodate completely custom framesets. We can design and create a fully custom geometry using any of our tubing sets including the entire Columbus range. If you need something very special and exactly to your choosing then a custom frame allows complete control including:

» Flat or smoothweld joints
» Lugged or fillet brazed steel
» Custom dropouts
» Custom geometry
» Headset specification
» Braze ons and internal gear routing

Give us a shoutout for a custom price quote and to start the design process.

This week’s ride

Factory Five Night Ride Shanghai

Thanks to everybody who joined us on a musical tour de force of South Puxi. We hooked up our rudeboy speaker to the tricycle and jammed our way through the french concession. 100+ bikers all rolling down Wanping in unison.

We rolled the South Bund from bottom to top. It’s one of our favorite roads in the city… smooth, open quiet. We hit the Fuxing Ferry and doubled back, to pause for a drink at the HaoDe convenience store by the Lupu Bridge.

Then we rolled back into town, beats blaring, heads turning. Up Wulumuqi and along Anfu we hit home and a welcome beer at the C-Store. 30km of consistent riding with a few sprints – a good workout – especially for the trike rider – he looked exhausted.

Here’s the route on Strava.

F5 Bike Flea Market – [CHANGE OF DATE] Saturday, April 26th

Join us on Saturday, April 26th from 14h00-18h00 for our spring bike flea market (notice the new date – previously the 12th).

Bring those rides, components and accessories which are taking space in your garage (i.e. spare bedroom) and swap them with everybody else for things that you actually need.

Need something to complete your new ride for this season? Searching for some NOS Campagnolo components? Handlebars giving you a bad back? Answers will be waiting for you at F5 on the 25th.

We’ll be setting up tables outside and it’s free to get a space so come early to reserve yours. One man’s badly sprung OK saddle is another man’s rolling throne cushion so bring everything you’ve got.

Factory Five’s spare bedroom has been raided and we’ll have a heap of second hand parts and a few used bikes for sale.

Music, drinks and biking chat will be available as-standard and as with all things F5, let the good times roll.


Our fixed gear brands: Paul Component Engineering.

Since the mid 90s Paul Component Engineering have been making some of the world’s finest bike components. Starting with just one product, wheel skewers, their portfolio now spans hubs, cranks, levers, brakes and accessory mounts. Everything is designed and manufactured in their USA workshop in Chico California. We went to visit them last year and took a tour of their simple and beautiful plant arrangement of CNC machines and lathes… producing run after run of perfect components.

Paul Track HubsPaul Brake E-LeverPaul Comp Poker Cranks

Their operation tells a story spanning 20 years of repeating and refining the manufacturing process. This is why we are proud to stock Paul Component products at Factory Five. As fixed gear rides we analyze every detail of our bikes. We strive for a balance of function, performance and style and Paul is right there at the zenith.They make components for fixed gear, track, single speed, road, mountain and cyclocross.

Paul Component Royal Flush CranksetPaul Track Hub

Paul’s Royal Flush cranks are amongst the most popular track and fixie cranksets in the world. They feature a proprietary mounting system which gives the strong chainring a larger surface are and enough space for the ace, heart, diamond and space motifs. The crankset also comes in a four circles design if you want to make a less bold statement.

Their track hubs are similarly well designed and are very light. We have been rolling them for years with barely a need for servicing. We prefer the high-flange version though these hubs also come in low flange. 32h, single side fixed or freewheel they’re exactly how we like them. Factory Five is the only Paul Component supplier in China. We strive to offer the best price on everything we sell so browse the store for Paul and buy now with confidence.

Second Hand SS bike for Sale

Currently in the workshop we have a few second hand bikes for sale. This is a super hot orange and violet build.

It is a 54cm frame so will suit somebody roughly around 165-175cm in height. The frame is an unwanted race prize so has never been used. The fork is a teal blue – it’s actually a custom one that we made twice by accident and is a one of a kind!

The wheels are also virtually new. We built them for a display bike and they’re deep purple rims laced to bright orange novatec hubs.

The bike is currently set to freewheel with a front brake installed. The hubs are flip-flop so can be changed easily to fixed gear.

Price ¥2,500. Bikes like this go fast so come over to the workshop and contact us if you’re interested.

Second Hand Single Speed for Sale Hot Orange

Second Hand Electric Blue Bike for Sale [sold]

Currently in the workshop we have this second hand fixed gear bike for sale. It’s a 54cm electric blue  anodized frame, with a red steel fork. The Wheelbuild is by Factory Five and brand new; yellow deep rims, yellow novatec hubs and DTSwiss spokes.

It currently has courier cutdown risers and no brake, though one could be installed. The stem has a couple inches of spacers underneath so the bike could fit somebody taller too.

Price ¥1,500 [sold]. Come by the workshop asap or get in touch if you’re interested.

Second Hand Electric Blue Fixed Gear for Sale

Second Hand Bike for Sale

We have this pre loved second hand single speed bike available in the workshop. It is a size small, which is a 52cm frame.

The bike is a Specialized Langster in a silver and red finish. Specialised have been making the Langster for many years and they’re aways exremely good quality.

A Sugino Messenger crankset, carbon fork and hood brakes come as standard. This model has oversize tubing and semi-deep high polish rims. It is set up as freewheel wheel with front and rear brakes.

The hub is flip-flip so can be easily converted to fixed gear.

Price: ¥3,000. If you’re interested – come by the workshop or give us a shoutout.

Second Hand Bike for Sale